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Party Feathers Feather Boas

When it comes to finding the very best in feather boas, look no further than Party Feathers. We have the most beautiful and most cost-effective solutions to all your feather boa needs. From feather boas used during Halloween to the perfect feather boa to complement a Mardi Gras outfit, you are sure to find what you are looking for at Party Feathers.

What Is A Boa?

A feather boa is a long accessory piece that is covered in feathers and serves as a scarf, often wrapped around the neck. Boas provide a fashion statement that is instantly recognized as sophisticated and edgy, giving you the look you want at a surprisingly affordable cost. Finding a reasonably priced feather boa is not difficult; what is hard is finding quality, well-constructed boas that are also affordable. Fortunately, Party Feathers has you covered! We have a wide variety of boa accessories that will give you the look you want and still fit your clothing budget. Our wholesale prices give us the ability to provide you with the right number and type of boas at a price you can afford, no matter what quantity many you need.

What Are The Types of Boas?

As you browse our selection, you will immediately notice that not all boas are created equal! Some are very "puffy" while others are thinner.

We have many categories of boas, but most can be classified into four groups:

Princess boas. Beautiful princess boas are a shorter version of our adult size boas, making them appropriate for young children up to tweens, and can be an accessory to almost any outfit. These boas are not just for dressing up! You will find yourself turning to this boa to add a statement to your own wardrobe, even on "non-party" days. Princess boas come in a great variety of colors, including:
  • Mixed colors: candy pink/hot pink, red/black, three-color Mardi Gras, coffee with rainbow, hot pink and black, hunter green, Kelly green, lavender, lime green, mint green, navy blue, olive green, purple, royal blue, white
  • Solid colors: red, yellow, apple green, black, candy pink, gray, hot pink

    Princess boas are also the most cost-effective choice. Measuring 42 inches, they are appropriate for children, and can be fun for adults also, to wear to a party or as part of a costume. If you must purchase a feather boa for everyone in a dance group or for a party, this is the one to choose.

    Chandelle boas. These boas are fuller, longer and plusher. In fact, they are graded by their weight; the higher the gram count, the fuller the feathers on these boas. Chandelle boas are great for parties, but they are also appropriate for costumes and performances for adults; their larger size means they will stand out much better than smaller models. Best of all, Chandelle boas are ready to light up any stage, dance or performance with a full range of colors, including:

    • 40 gram Chandelle boas – black; black/yellow; camel; candy pink; coffee; gold; gold with black dyed tips; grey; hot pink; Kelly green; lime green; medium blue; orange with black Lurex; orange with black tips; peach; purple; purple and gold intervals; red; royal blue; tan; turquoise; white
    • 60 gram Chandelle boas – aqua blue; black; black with gold Lurex; black/white; brown; camel; candy pink; candy pink with rainbow Lurex; coffee; fuschia; gold; grey; hot pink; hot pink/yellow/orange; Kelly green; Kelly green/white; lavender; light pink; lime green; lime green with black dyed tips; lime green with silver Lurex; medium blue; orange; orange with black dyed tips; orange/black; peach; purple; rainbow; red; red with gold Lurex; red/black; red/purple; red/white; red/white/navy; royal blue; royal blue with black dyed tips; royal blue with Lurex; royal blue/white; tan; turquoise; white with gold lurex; white/turquoise; yellow; red with silver Lurex
    • 80 gram Chandelle boas – black; bubble gum; camel; candy pink; coffee; royal blue; gold; hot pink; Kelly green; black and white; lavender; light blue; lime green; medium blue; purple; red; turquoise; yellow
    • 120 gram Chandelle boas – hot pink; medium blue; orange; purple

    Marabou boas. These boas are very soft and fluffy with fur-like feathers. Minimal and sophisticated, they work well with all types of costumes and lend a note of richness to any outfit. They come in three gram weights and a variety of colors, including:
    • 15 gram Marabou boas – black; black and white; brown; candy pink; ivory; Kelly green; light blue; light pink; lime green; medium blue; navy blue; neon lime green; olive green; orange; purple; red; royal blue; turquoise; white; medium blue with rainbow Lurex; purple with rainbow Lurex; red with silver Lurex; white with rainbow Lurex; white with gold Lurex
    • 25 gram Marabou boas – black; burgundy; camel; candy pink; coffee; hot pink; ivory; Kelly green; lavender; lavender with rainbow Lurex; light pink; light pink with rainbow Lurex; lime green; medium blue; olive; orange; peach; purple; red with rainbow Lurex; tan; turquoise; white; white with gold Lurex; yellow
    • 30 gram Marabou boas – in hot pink and white, these are the heaviest and most luxurious Marabou boas and show consistent quality for a low price.

    Marabou boas are noted for their soft, luxurious feel and make a great gift as well as a striking costume accessory.

    Ostrich boas. Made from lovely ostrich feathers, these boas are soft, feathery and luxurious. For the very best in ostrich boas in different ply levels, you have found the perfect source! Choose from:
    • One-ply ostrich feather boas – in camel and black; country blue; hot pink and black; hot pink and lime green; Kelly green and lime green; lavender and purple; lavender and white; light pink and white; lime green and Kelly green; medium blue; navy blue and country blue; purple and lavender; purple and red; white and black; wine and beige; yellow and orange; yellow.
    • Two-ply ostrich feather boas – in an assortment of colors.
    • Three-ply ostrich feather boas – in tie-dyed black/dark camel/black; tie-dyed black/white/black; tie-dyed candy pink/black/white; tie-dyed candy pink/lavender/pink; tie-dyed lavender/purple/lavender; tie-dyed lavender/purple/white; tie-dyed red/white/black; royal tie-dyed blue/purple/royal blue; tie-dyed royal blue/white/black; tie-dyed turquoise/olive/turquoise; solid hot pink; Kelly green; orange; purple; royal blue; turquoise; yellow.

    We also have party supplies of all types, including tiaras, gift bags, party plates, coloring books, and masks. Visit Party Feathers today for all your party and costume needs!